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Job opportunities in Ancient and Modern India

           “Opportunities present themselves every day. You just have to be alert and ready to act.” Marc Ostrofsky, an US Entrepreneur

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit.” Arthur Schopenhauer


Marc Ostrofsky, an US Entrepreneur, has very correctly commented, “Opportunities present themselves every day. You just have to be alert and ready to act.” Opportunities are not served to any one on a platter.
Changes with ‘Industrialization’, ‘Modernization’ and ‘Globalization’ – As time passed on, the shape of the job-market, opportunities for employment and work culture has changed tremendously. With globalization and advancement in technology, new age work-culture has emerged –

  • Earlier occupations were community-based, now it has become individual based.
  • In  a democratic country, an individual is free to choose any profession, but the factors that govern the choice to survive there comfortably, one should have attitude, aptitude and training for that particular job.
  • Industrialization, modernization and globalization, has given all the freedom to individuals to choose any profession/work of own liking.
  • Earlier work life and  personal life were completely compartmentalized mentally, physically and emotionally. Now a fine balance and inter-connection between personal, professional and social life are necessary. It calls for a high degree of maturity to handle and bring the best out of all the three.
  • Flexibility and using technology has become an essential for performing a job efficiently in current and future atmosphere. Advanced technology has facilitated people to work from anywhere, any time, they choose.
  • Faster means of communication has influenced interaction with others quite easy and changed the work culture tremendously. Net-working with colleagues, friends and business-associates makes one more confident and strong.
  • Modern and flexible working systems have become important in current  environment.

However, very few educated and enlightened persons could take the advantage of new opportunities and freedom of choice in selecting their career/jobs, that suits their personalities and interests. In general, for masses, it has led to unemployment, confusion in the minds of many people to decide what they really want to do. It has created an atmosphere of cut throat competition, where people are chasing very few white collared jobs and developed aversion towards the traditional occupations. The side effects of these changes have been –

  •  Many traditional occupations have become obsolete.
  • In India, new kinds of jobs have been added in the traditional jobs of pre-industrial-society of earlier days.
  • It has become difficult to get admission in a college or institutions of their choice or afford exorbitant fees
  • Today, instead of being facilitator, the government has become the generator/creator of employment and the biggest employer.
  • People have been caught under the vicious circle of traditionalism and modernity.
  • There is a confusion in their minds as to what they should do. Masses are caught under the vicious circle of traditionalism and modernity.

Neither traditional nor modern occupations are fool-proof or flawless. Both have their own strength, weaknesses and professional hazards. Only one has to be mentally prepared to meet the challenges coming on the way. It is very difficult for common men to come out of the web of traditionalism and embrace modernity.

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