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Dalit Assertion


The new phase of untouchables/Dalit assertion during last two-three decades under the leadership of Kansiram and Mayawati’s became most prominent in the most populous state of UP. BSP under the leadership of Ms Mayawati has taken the destiny of UP in their hand now. Earlier in 1994-95, BSP formed the government first in alliance with SP and later on with BJP. Again, in 1997, it came to power in alliance with BJP. Now on its own strength, BSP is ruling in UP.

Despite all the political empowerment, special attention and preferential treatment, dalit leaders and intellectuals have failed to improve the socio-economic condition of the masses of Dalit community, to give them proper education, enough employment opportunities and a vision of a prosperous society or to change their lot. They are still victims of discrimination, untouchability, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and consequential disabilities. Majority of them still lives in precarious condition because of low wages, bondage, non-payment of fair share of agricultural produce to the SC share-cropper, forced harvesting of crops, forced eviction from their land and house sites, dispute over non-payment of minimum wages prescribed by authorities and land disputes. Caste rivalries are increasing everyday. Over and above, their sufferings have multiplied due to increasing number of crimes and incidents of violence. The deterioration of law and order position all over India is continuously increasing their miseries.

It is only the the followers of Dalit leaders, who have prospered. Now they command muscle, money as well as political power. They are in no mood to play a second fiddle to any other section of society or group and wish to make their own place in Indian society and national politics.

The solution of the problem of empowering the whole Dalit community neither lies in letting down the upper castes, who are not interested in direct confrontation, either with intermediate castes or with Dalits, nor in pursuing Reservation Policy. Liberalization and Globalization has opened up many new opportunities in job-market for all. What is required for their prosperity is learning, acquiring required knowledge, hard-work, intelligence, confidence and will power and courage to face the challenges and move forward.

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